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Financing Africa’s Urban Opportunity

This new report explores how climate and urban challenges could be addressed in tandem to set African cities on a path of prosperity and sustainable long-term development. It recommends steps that governments at national, local and city level could employ to attract the capital needed to address priorities around development and economic growth, in the context of rapid urbanisation and increasing vulnerability to climate change.

Based on analysis of cities in three countries: Ethiopia, South Africa and Kenya, the report estimates that the greening of the continent’s cities could produce hundreds of billions USD in economic dividends over the next three decades.

This is achieved through a new model for urban growth, which is set out in the report, emphasising compact neighbourhood development, connected infrastructure, clean technologies, and climate resilient planning.

Mobilising the required investment across Africa’s diverse city landscape will require strong leadership and collaboration between the levels of decision making, along with effective financing instruments to fund the transformation.

Read the why, what and how of financing Africa’s green cities in the new report ‘Financing Africa’s Urban Opportunity’.

The report was carried out by the Coalition for Urban Transitions on behalf of FSD Africa.

Financing Africa's Urban Opportunity

Recording of Financing Africa's Urban Opportunity webinar session at Africa Climate Week on 27 September 2021.