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A Focus on Ghana: Tackling financial instability, climate change and inequality through cities

Cities offer significant opportunities for the Ghanaian government. Two recent papers from the Coalition look at how prioritising urban areas could tackle inequality, climate change and fiscal instability to create healthy, prosperous cities for all.

This week, the Coalition will be profiling two new papers at the Ghana Urban Forum, held in Accra, Ghana, between 13-15 January 2020.

The first, Cities as a Strategic Resource: Guideline for Ghana’s National Urban Policy Revision, was produced in collaboration with the Ghana Urbanisation Think Tank and the African Centre for Cities. The report provides a guideline to the National Urban Policy revision being undertaken by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development in Ghana, and aims to bring together the many actors and multiple urban development initiatives already underway in Ghana around the role of cities in addressing three national risks – inequality, climate change and fiscal instability.

The second, The Finance Landscape in Ghana: Mobilising investment in sustainable urban infrastructure, was produced in collaboration with the International Institute of the Environment and Development (IIED). It provides a comprehensive overview of Ghana’s financial landscape and considers the most promising opportunities available to unlock sustainable infrastructure investment.

The Ghana Urban Forum is led by Ghana’s Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, and will help prepare for Ghana’s involvement in the 10th World Urban Forum, to be held in Abu Dhabi this February. The Ghana Urban Forum brings together a range of stakeholders to discuss ways to support sustainable urban development processes, and helps to channel contributions into global development strategies.