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Welcome to the Coalition brand site. This is your source for downloadable brand assets like the Coalition logo, fonts and design templates.

Power Point template

V1 – January 2020

A photo gallery will be available soon, but contact Freya for any photo needs in the meantime. The blue/green map style is also totally customisable, just let Freya know which city you would like it to be.

Brand guidelines



Letterhead templates


A4 with WRI address

US letter

US letter with WRI address


Blue PNG

Blue JPEG (low res)

Blue JPEG (high res)

Black PNG

Black JPEG (low res)

Black JPEG (high res)

White PNG


You can download Roboto from Google. Once it’s installed you can use it as you would any other font. This is open source font as our primary font (FF Good) is proprietary. Contact Freya if you need anything created using FF Good.